Do you have a special occasion coming up? A wedding, high school graduation or a missionary returning home? Let that special person know how proud you are of them and how much you love them by creating a custom banner for the occasion.

Banners are a great way to announce the hard work that someone has done or to congratulate someone. When done correctly, banners can have a big impact and the person you are celebrating will surely remember it for years to come.

When creating a banner, because it is such a large space, it’s easy to think that a lot can go on it because of all the room. But remember, people will be reading this banner from a distance, so simplicity is key. If you put too much on, too many colors or too many phrases, the overall message will get lost. If you are celebrating a high school graduation consider a simple phrase like “class of 2014” or “congratulations!” if you are making a banner for a wedding, consider using the couples names. If welcoming someone home from a mission use a phrase like “welcome home” with the date they returned home. Keeping phrases simple will accurately and effectively convey your sentiments to those that will see the banner.

Keep simplicity in mind when designing other aspects of your banner such as color and pictures. Using fewer colors and pictures is much easier on the eye and will keep your overall message simple and easy to understand. Try to use no more than two colors and one image or graphic. This will keep everything in balance for an overall simple and cohesive message.

When creating a banner, you also have to decide what type of material you want to print it on. If you are outside, you might want to use a heavy vinyl material. This will stand up to any unforeseen weather (such as rain and wind). If you will be using your banner inside, your material options are more flexible since you don’t have to worry about weather. You could use a light paper to help save on costs if staying inside.

If you keep this tips in mind, you’ll have a fun, classy banner to really brighten up your occasion.

Why Banners are the Bomb

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