Large format printing has become extremely popular in the world of marketing and advertising. Also known as wide-format printing or grand printing, large format printing reaches potential customers through mediums such as billboards and banners.

The invention of large format printing has done wonders in terms of the quality and availability of banners, signs, and billboards. While previously this type of printing was complex (and expensive), large format printing allows companies and people to easily produce high-quality banners, posters, and signs at a fraction of the cost.

The process of large format printing is actually the same as digital printing – it’s just done on a different scale. First, the item that will be printed is designed on a computer and turned into a digital file. That file is then sent to the printer. The main difference is that large format printers use larger printers that have nozzles. These printers can produce high-quality CMYK prints on papers or materials of different sizes. The material is fed directly into the printer, which places the ink on its surface.

Since many large format printing processes are intended for outside use, large format printers often use UV ink. UV ink is water based and slightly dull in color. However, it is also extremely resistant to fading, making it perfect for items weathering all different types of elements.

There are several popular types of large format printing jobs. One is semi gloss and high gloss posters. These posters are often found indoors in movie theatres, trade shows, and retail stores. Another popular type of print job is mounted posters. Mounted posters are great for decorations or for displaying photos, and are often found in the home or office. A third type of popular job is vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are commonly found outdoors, at sporting events, trade shows, and exhibits. There are other types of large format printing jobs, such as wall graphics and canvas art.

Whether you’re at a tradeshow, opening a new business, or announcing a grand event, a large format print job can help you in your marketing and advertising needs. Talk to a large format printer to see what type of print job is right for you.

What’s Involved in the Large Format Printing Process?

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