Example of a street business signBusiness signage gets taken for granted as a method of advertising. When people come to your location, your business sign plays a huge role in creating a first impression, for better or worse. A bad business sign will portray to a customer a feeling of unprofessionalism and outdatedness before you even get a chance to change their mind.  

Obviously, your company’s main sign is important, but how do you go about creating the right sign for you? The first thing you should do is outline the main purpose of the sign and how it accomplishes that purpose. When asking the question of what that means for you, there are 3 key things to remember that a sign should accomplish…

Draw Attention

First of all, a sign needs to stand out amongst the noise. People today see thousands of business signs every day. Everyone in the market is competing for just a glance in their direction. Because of this, your sign needs to be something that draws attention. The text should be large enough to read. The colors should make sense for the style that you are going for. And you should try your best to make it graphically interesting. Any professional designer worth their salt will do these things, but you should still have an active role in making sure that the sign fits with the style of your business.

Communicate Your Message

If every person on the street looks at your business signage, then you’ve taken an amazing first step, but getting their attention is only the first step. It’s like saying “Hello!” at a party. You still need something to say afterward. You should break down what message you are trying to say with your sign so that you can know if it is effectively communicating that message. Sometimes, the message is as simple as stating a price or a deal in the text. However, the style and design of the signage also convey a lot about who your company is, and it’s important to be aware of.

Compell People to Follow Through

The third important goal of business signage is to persuade people to follow through with your desired action. Maybe you want them to walk in the door and establish a face-to-face relationship. Maybe you want them to make a phone call. Maybe you are only using your signage to gain more awareness for your brand. Regardless of your message, you should make sure that your sign is persuasive and alluring for your desired goal.

What Is the Purpose of a Business Sign?

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