We specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of vehicle wraps, and we’ve printed and installed hundreds of them.


We provide a high-quality print that can be molded to nearly any vehicle model, make or shape. Our state-of-the-art process allows us to take high-resolution images, logos, and print to be expertly wrapped to your vehicle, giving you the best possible print advertisement to take to the streets.

Are Vehicle Wraps a Good Investment?

Every day our clients tell us how many calls and follow-ups they get in response to their vehicle advertisements. An estimated 95% of Americans are reached by marketing aimed at drivers and commuters on the road. Wraps are made of heavy-duty vinyl that will continue to look great for years to come. They create 30,000-80,000 impressions a day, and reach exactly your local target audience.
If you’re wondering whether your vehicle wrap is having the advertising effect that you want, try testing the ROI: provide a number, URL, or discount specific to your vehicle wrap and see how much response you get in that specific route. We’re confident that you’ll see a significant benefit in your vehicle-based advertisement.

We Provide High-Quality, Long-Lasting Products

Vehicle wraps present a unique set of challenges for the application process. We have a deep understanding of these challenges and how to meet the demands of the process so the end product is seamless. Bubbling, driver visibility, wrinkling, and separation are all potential issues we take into consideration to ensure that your vehicle wrap is built to last and looks seamless.

Design Considerations for Vehicle Wraps

There are some considerations for design that you’ll have to take into account when you plan out a vehicle wrap to advertise your business. Since it’s a different medium from anything else that you’ve designed in the past, you have to ask yourself some new questions:
Will this design still look good when it’s expanded and larger-than-life, up close and personal?
Will it be easy to see on the go?
Will it suit and fit the vehicle that I’m planning to put it on?

Some Tips to Give You the Best Design Possible

  • -Beware photos. When they’re blown up and stretched, they often look awkward.
  • -Keep the copy short and punchy.
  • -Use large, simple graphics and text.
  • -Theme the whole vehicle. (i.e. consider the overall color scheme and design)
  • -Make sure it’s easily recognizable and consistent with your brand identity.

Your Design Might Depend on Your Vehicle

When we plan out your vehicle wrap, we consider the natural shape of the vehicle in question, because that will determine possible interruptions to your design (like wheels and windows) as well as prime locations where your customers’ eyes will be drawn the most.
For example, we consider the large, open spaces on the vehicle that give us the most room to work in big text and graphics. And then there’s the back of the vehicle, which will be amazingly prominent to the cars waiting behind you. Even the front door needs to be considered. This is a place where people’s eyes will naturally be drawn just because it’s framing a person. We’ll careful plan out where to put your most important points, like your tagline, logo, and your call to action.

In the Past, We’ve Wrapped:

  • -Box Trucks
  • -Trailers
  • -Vans
  • -Panel vans
  • -RVs
  • -Cars
  • -SUVs
  • -Trucks
  • -Semi-truck vehicles
  • -Emergency vehicles

We service a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals and small businesses to corporate vehicle fleets. The cost of fleet graphics can vary greatly. Our prices are competitive, but our products are tough to beat. We use only the state-of-the art materials to do the job right!

To learn more about vehicle wraps, or to discuss your needs in greater detail, please contact us by calling or clicking on the box now. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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