Looking for a great way to advertise your business? You’ve probably heard of vehicle wraps, which you can put on your car for advertising purposes. However, cars aren’t the only vehicles you can wrap. If you want your logo to really get out there, you should consider looking into the many types of vehicle wraps you can use for your business.

Vehicle Wraps Defined

A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal that can be adhered to your vehicle’s exterior. You don’t have to worry that the original paint will be damaged by such a wrap. They are designed so that you can take them off easily without removing the paint in the process, so your car can be returned to its former glory whenever necessary. It’s a much more affordable option for a car makeover than having the car airbrushed.

A wrap can quickly transform an ordinary car into an extraordinary advertising opportunity. With these wraps, you can have advertising wherever you go, without having to pay for a billboard or find the perfect location.

Types of Vehicle Wraps


Whether you’re advertising or simply want an attractive edge on your boat, boat vehicle wraps are a great option for you. They’re water resistant, but not so sticky that you won’t be able to take them off easily without damaging the original paint. You can come up with a custom design to either spice up your plain, white boat, or to advertise your company to water lovers all around.


Trailer wraps are an excellent way to advertise. Whether it’s for a horse trailer, moving trailer, university trailer, or sports trailer, these wraps are great advertising for your business. For example, if you attend the rodeo, take your vinyl wrapped trailer with you. You can park it with the other horse trailers, but your logo will stand out for passersby.

Delivery Trucks

Do you do delivery in your line of work? Possibly the biggest mistake you could make would be to use a delivery truck that doesn’t have your logo on the side of it. When you make your deliveries, the customers and neighbors should see your name and be able to remember it. It’s nearly free advertising!

Semi Trucks

If your business stretches a little farther than home, you should definitely look into semi truck wraps for your advertising purposes. These trucks travel much farther distances than your regular commercial vehicles might, and you’ll be able to reach a much wider audience. Not to mention, the bigger the vehicle the better.

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Vehicle Wraps of All Sizes

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