retractable business banner standBanner stands are growing increasingly popular for business and marketing uses because of the incredible convenience and durability that they offer. They are easy to set up, easy to take down, and store incredibly well. Here is a look at five ways you might use a banner stand for your event or business.

Trade show

A banner stand or display makes easy work of transforming your trade show booth space into an engaging space that will attract clients or other professionals. Display company information, promote a new product, or simply create the perfect backdrop for your space. Pop up displays work best here because you can create extra large murals and customize them with lighting.

Networking event

Is your business holding a networking event for other business professionals? A banner stand makes for the perfect addition to your event. You might have a custom banner stand featuring your company name and logo on the stand, and then display the banner stand at the entrance of your event to let people know they’re in the right place. A banner stand also makes photo ops a cinch, as people can pose together in front of the banner stand for pictures.

Office space decor

You may be thinking that because banner stands are very portable, they should only be reserved for temporary uses. But because banner stands can be made to look so professional, they can serve as long-term decor for your company space as well. Create a large mural with a pop up display to display information about your company (such as your mission statement or history), or customize them with bold imagery that will accent your office decor. The possibilities are truly endless here.

Directional marker

Do you run a retail space, service location, or office of some sort? You can use a banner stand to better direct your customers and clients. You might place a banner stand in front of your entrance to advertise a special promotion, or inside your location to direct customers to a certain area within your space. You could even simply use it to give customers and clients useful information they are looking for right when they walk in your entrance. Banner stands are incredibly portable, making them the perfect option for this type of marketing.


Not all banner stands have to be used commercially; banner stands are perfect for private events as well. A banner stand is a great option for a wedding, especially. Use one to create the perfect backdrop for a photobooth, to welcome guests at the entrance of the venue, to accent your gift table, and more.

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5 Great Uses for Banner Stands

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