Trade Show BoothYour signs in your trade show booth are the first thing that your potential clients will see.  They need to be up to par and truly showcase what you are about.  Below are three types of signs you need to pay special attention to at every show you attend.  Read on for tips and tricks to make you stand out above the crowd.  

Vinyl Signs

You need at least one large vinyl sign along the back of your booth letting trade show attendees know who you are and what you do.  If they cannot figure out who you are and what business you are in within 3 seconds of visiting your booth, you are doing something wrong.  Some shows will hang up a 8 ½ X 11 piece of paper with your company name, but that is not enough.  You need something that showcases you.

Floor Signs/Table Signs

The large vinyl sign will give potential customers an idea of who you are and what you do, but you need additional material to give them more details if they are interested.    You can put up signs and displays on a table, or standing floor signs that give detailed information.  Make sure that let people know all that they may be curious about, without overloading them with information.  Always make sure that you give them an excuse to talk to you.  Put a call to action on your signs, such as “Talk to me to get started!” or “Ask me for more information!”

Things to Give Away

The human memory is fallible.  Always make sure that you give your potential customers and clients something to remember you by.  This can be swag, brochures, business cards,  a coupon, etc.  Make sure that they have enough information on the takeaway to contact you if they need anything.  Make sure that your brochures and business cards are very professional so that they don’t get immediately tossed in the trash.  And of course, the best thing from you to take from the people who visit your booth is their contact information.  You can either get their information by having them sign up on a sign-up sheet, or enter a contest for a giveaway.  About a week after the event, add those contacts to your email list or give them a call to chat about their next steps.  Also make a note of people who were more interested than others so that you can make sure you reach out to them.  


Updating Your Signage for Your Next Trade Show

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