Sign discount knock out on shop store.Having clear signage helps you get more customers in your store, provide information and draw attention to special products or sales.  Below are 7 key signs to have in your retail store.


If you are running a sale, it is important to alert customers in a bold way.  Sales entice people into your store, so it is important to put them out near the front so that they can be seen from the outside.   Make sure that the details of your sale are clear, be it a BOGO deal, or a percentage off everything in the store.  

Return Policy

It is a good idea to clearly put your return policy up behind your cash register.  That way, customers are alerted to your policies when they check out.  If your cash register is against a wall, get a decal or banner to place on the wall.  If it is in the middle of the room, a standing sign or a decal right on the counter are two great options.  

Shop Name

Every store needs a large sign letting customers know who you are.  Make sure that it is large, easy to read, and that you can read it from far away.  It may be a good idea to make sure that a picture of your store front is online so that customers know what to look for.  

Invitational Signs

If your store is in a high trafficked area, it is a wise idea to put invitational signs near the front of your store, or even outside if possible.  Invitational signs are signs that entice customers into your store, such as sales, menu options, and more.  Sandwich boards and window decals work well for this type of sign.  

Product Categories

If you organize your retail store based on category, it is a good idea to have large, hanging signs that alert customers as to where they can find what.  For example, if you have women’s clothing on one side of the store and men’s on the other, put a large sign on each side of the store, stating which type of clothing is featured there.  

Open/Closed Sign

Letting customers know when you will be open and when you are closed is important.  A generic open/closed sign can be sufficient, but if you want to let your customers know your hours or culture, you may want to personalize it.  A window decal or other window cling will work well.  

Attention Grabbing

If you have anything in your store that you want to draw attention to, such as a new product or unique item, you may want to use attention grabbing signs to alert customers.  Floor wraps, standing signs, and hanging banners are ideal to draw attention to your special items.  

Types of Signs for Your Retail Store

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