As discussed in our post about the power of window decals for your business, window decals can bring in a tremendous amount of revenue for your business. They can also give your customers a powerful first impression. Here are a few of the ways that window decals can work for your business.

Your Logo

It’s a simple, yet powerful approach: decorate one of your windows, or perhaps a door window, with a larger-than-life version of your company’s logo. This will help both your name and company branding stick in people’s minds.

Your Hours

This one is a no-brainer, but if you have not yet incorporated your store’s or restaurant’s hours into an attractive window decal, now would be a great time. Window decals are generally much more attractive than signs posted in the window, and since your hours are likely to remain a steady constant for your business, investing in a window decal makes a lot of sense.

Your Latest Catch Phrase

What is the latest slogan or catch phrase that has played a role in your marketing campaigns? Filling your window space with large text communicating your business’s latest marketing catch phrase will help your business to remain current and communicate to potential customers a seasonal or timely message.

Current Promotions

Are you holding a longer term sale of merchandise or services that your business offers? Entice passers-by to step into your store or restaurant by promising them lower prices from the get-go.

A Listing of What You Offer

Some stores and restaurants get creative by filling their window space with a list of products or services they offer, often in a varying, yet cohesive selection of fonts to keep things interesting. A restaurant, for example, might highlight the types of foods that they offer, from soups and salads to pastries and fine cheeses, or a home improvement company might highlight the wide range of services they can offer homeowners.

An Artistic Design

Does your business fall under more of a creative realm? Consider channeling some of that creativity into your window decals. A great window decal could interact with your store’s front display, or it might involve seasonal elements like falling leaves in autumn or blooming flowers in the spring.

We at City Signs know window graphics, and we can make them work effectively and influentially for your business. No project is too small or too large, as we do anything from small, informative graphics to large-scale, full-color window designs. If you’re a business based in Utah, contact us today to discuss your business’s needs.

Things to Include in Your Business’s Window Decals

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