Have you ever noticed that you feel certain ways around certain colors? Have you ever felt cold in a dark gray room? Do you feel happy when you wear a yellow sweater? Agitated or nervous when you see the color red? Color and emotion are very closely connected. Certain colors can cause us to feel a certain way. That’s why it’s important to carefully choose your color palate when designing an advertisement. Color sends almost as much of a message as written word does.

Color does a lot for an advertisement. When used consistently, it helps form effective branding. How long would it take you to list the colors McDonalds uses? You probably thought of them before you even finished reading that sentence. That’s because McDonald’s consistently uses red and yellow in all of its advertising. This leads to brand recognition and brand loyalty.

If you’re looking to design a logo or develop brand recognition, use consistent colors. This will allow your customers to connect your chosen colors and your company together in their mind. Color has been known to increase brand recognition by 80%, making color consistency key to branding.

When picking colors, consider what emotion each color represents. Pick a color that relates to the overall message and feel of your product, brand or company. If you want consumers to associate your company as fast paced and exciting, consider using bright colors such as red, yellow or orange. If you are looking for a relaxed and trusting message, consider using blue and purple—colors that promote creativity and a calm environment. If you want your customers to see you as a big and powerful company, use black and green. Picking the right colors will cause customers to think of certain characteristics or feel specific emotions when looking at your advertisements.

Color choice may change depending on what type of advertisement or print you are making. If you are looking to make a printed advertisement about an upcoming sale, use bright and bold colors that will attract and draw attention. If you are simply looking for colors to help brand your company, use colors you want to associate your company with.

So the next time you start to make plans for your advertising or branding plan, consider what you want your audience to feel when looking at it and pick your colors accordingly.

The Psychology of Color

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