A phone is held up at a trade showAlthough the internet has opened doors to new and exciting avenues of marketing, there is still power to the fact that a face-to-face interaction has the ability to personify a company and a brand. For this reason, event marketing still makes up nearly ⅕ of marketing budgets based on an IDC Tech Marketing Benchmarks Study. However, simply showing up at events isn’t going to be enough to get the most out of event marketing. In order to be really efficient, you need to be clear about the goals that you have for each event. Here are three of the main goals that companies make for their event marketing plans…

Further your brand

First of all, having a presence at key events does wonders to further your brand. If you are a company that makes digital cameras, then it is essential that you have a presence at events like the National Association of Broadcasting convention (or NAB), or else you have to work harder to establish legitimacy. Event marketing is a personal way to further your brand and help people understand what you are all about. On top of that, being able to sponsor something that people find fun and enjoy going to is always a positive association to make.

Meet new customers

Being at an ample number of appropriate events is a great way to introduce yourself and make personal connections with new customers. Event marketing is highly effective, on an individual basis, at accomplishing this because of how personal event marketing can become. When you have professionals in your company meeting and greeting new potential customers, then it attaches your brand to a friendly encounter that is sure to create a lasting impression in their mind.

Interact with consumers

Another major goal that companies set for event marketing is the opportunity to educate and interact with consumers to generate interest. People go to events for a handful of reasons, but most professional events are set up to help consumers know what is new in a particular industry. Setting up your event marketing strategy to actively engage and educate consumers is going to go a long way towards generating word-of-mouth awareness about your business and brand.

The Goals of Event Marketing

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