When it comes to design, there are three goals you should keep in mind. These goals are to attract, inform and persuade. Paying special attention to these goals will ensure you properly captivate your audience so they receive your intended message.

Attract. You only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. These first few seconds are crucial. You could easily lose a viewer in the first few seconds if your design isn’t appealing.

Attract your audience with a simple and eye-catching design. Stick to one main message. If you have more than one message, it will be confusing to your audience and you may lose them. Which means you will miss out on a potential customer.

Pick colors and a font that are pleasing to look at and easy to read. Align your design so that it flows naturally. Make sure the most important parts of the message stick out so your audience sees and remembers the important stuff.

Inform. Tell your audience what they need to know. You want your audience to know what your product is and what they will be getting if they buy your product or use your service. Make sure they know any and all important details, but don’t go overboard. They need to know what you’re selling and where to find you. Everything else is excess.

Persuade. This is one of the most important steps. You can have an attractive sign that informs audiences, but if you don’t persuade, your audience won’t buy. Persuading is what makes your ad work. Tell your audience why they need what you’re advertising. Show them through your sign how it will benefit them. If you can effectively persuade your audience, your design has been a success.

Focusing on the goals to attract, inform and persuade will help you create a great design for your sign that will be effective for an audience. A well-designed sign can really make a big difference for your business.

The 3 Purposes of a Great Sign

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