SaleYour signage serves a dual purpose.  It needs to give consumers information, but it also needs to get them inside your store.  You not only  need to get your customer’s attention, but also convince them that you are worth their time.  Read on for 4 creative ways to use your signs to attract customers.


Use bright colors to your advantage.  Yellow will catch people’s attention, red has been proven to stimulate appetite, whereas blue is a “trustworthy” color.  A black and white sign is 42% less likely to be read than the same sign in color, so don’t be afraid to add color to your signs.  

Call to Action

Give your customers a reason to visit your store by giving them a call to action on the signs outside your store.  Your call to action should mirror your business, if you sell clothes, ask them to come on in and try something on, or if you have a free trial of your service, tell your potential customers to come in to start it today.  If you can’t think of anything, perhaps you can put a sign in your window display with a riddle on it, so that potential custoemrs have to enter your store to see the answer on the other side.  

Point Them in the Right Direction

If your store is a little bit off the beaten path, put signs outside that point customers to your location.   Imagine that you are putting up signs for runners in a 5k, telling them where to turn and how far they are from the finish line (your store).

Advertise Your Deals

If you have any special deals going on in your store, put a sign up either outside of your store or in your window, letting customers know!  Consumers are enticed by BOGO deals, free gifts, and incredible sales.

A Few Tips:

Keep it Simple

A sign that has too much information on it can actually deter customers rather than inviting them in.   It’s exhausting to try and read a bunch of material, so potential customers might walk away instead of walking in.  Keep your signs easy to read and let customers do the exploring themselves — inside your store.  Let your employees talk to curious guests rather than giving them all of the information they might need in one glance.

Keep it Clean

Make sure that your signs are not cluttered with information, but also make sure that they are clean and tidy.  Care for your signs, especially your outdoor signs that get a lot of wear and tear.  Make sure that your signs are fresh and up-to-date.  You don’t want your sign to scream “Stuck in the 1970’s!” to your customers. Update your signs when necessary.  

Signs That Speak: Getting Customers Inside Your Store

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