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Mission Statement

It is always a good idea to put your mission statement somewhere that everyone can see.  Print it up on a large banner and hang it in the breakroom, or along the wall for clients to see when they first walk in.  You can put a simple mission statement out front, and then further in the office, a more detailed statement.  You can also have each department come up with a statement that they can hang as well.  

Wall Logo

Right behind the receptionist’s desk, you should have a large, fancy logo for everyone to see the moment they walk into the office.  There are many different ways that you can showcase your company name and logo, but a popular one right now is a clear plaque with your company name displayed across the middle.  Another idea is to use a wall decal and put that right on the wall behind the receptionist.  

Window or Door Decals

If the front of your office or office door is glass, you should consider getting widow decals to let passersby know what your business is all about.  Depending on how much landscape you have, you can create a large and involved sign, or a small logo and company name for the front door.  It’s up to you (and of course, the property owner).  

Bathroom signs
Restroom Signs

While it is possible to just buy regular restroom signs, why would you want to sacrifice the culture of your company by putting up a normal restroom sign?  You can get a whole number of fancy restroom signs that let people know that you are committed to your brand.  For example, many restrooms in Hawaii have unique signs – the women’s restroom is pictured with a woman wearing a long flowy dress, while the men’s restroom normally has a man in a floral Hawaiian shirt.  

Award Programs

You can also create a reward program sign for your office to host your “employee of the month” plaque in a classy way.  Rewarding your employees for their hard work is a good way to increase your company’s retention rate.    A large clear plaque is a good idea for the modern business, or you can always create a traditional wood plaque.  

Signs For the Office

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