Lady holds paper in officeWhen adding personality to a large space, the way that you utilize a large splash of wall says a lot about your company or organization. That’s why wall murals are such a popular method of decorating large spaces, as they enable the branding of a wide area of space, very cheaply. At City Signs, we are experts at the creation and installation of custom wall murals.

Custom Graphics

Our team can help you design a graphic that complements and completes your space. We use in-house professional designers who are experienced in taking the unique layout of an office, store, or showroom and creating stunning graphics that blend the space with your brand. If you already have an idea of the design that you want, our team can help you implement it in an effective and realistic way.

High-Detail Printing

City Signs has become such a staple for businesses and organizations in Salt Lake City because of our reliably high quality printing practices. When it comes to the graphics that are used for wall murals, a muddled print can make your design get lost in a haze. We pride ourselves in high-detail printing that will give your mural a crisp image that ties the room together.

Professional Installation

We don’t just design and print wall murals; we also send our professional team to your location to install them! We want to make sure that every step of the process is done in a way that matches our high standards for quality, which is why we always make sure that each and every client is taken care of, from the point of inception until we finalize the mural on your wall.

Call to learn more!

If you have any questions about how a beautifully designed wall mural can transform your space, then don’t hesitate to give our friendly and professional team a call today! We are happy to field questions and give recommendations on anything signage related.