Point of Purchase or POP displays are essential for most businesses. But, what are they and why are they so effective? How do you go about creating these displays?

We at City Signs are happy to answer your questions. Here is some valuable information about POP displays and their advantages.


Point of purchase displays are in-store promotions which highlight features or products so the customer is more likely to purchase them. POP displays are usually in the form of posters, banners, or signs that stand out above all other displays. They can be used as window displays, counter displays, banners or floor stands. The displays are placed directly next to the merchandise they are promoting or sometimes the products are inside the display.

POP displays encourage an impulse purchase. Because of this, they are often placed at the checkout counter of retail or food stores.


POP displays demand attention because of the design’s eye-catching quality. Because of their attention-grabbing elements, the display catches customers when they are in the mood to purchase and are likely to buy the displayed item. POP displays offer a high return on investment because the displays are often inexpensive. With this ROI, POP is a cost-effective way to advertise. Many business owners also see an increased amount of sales and stronger brand building. Sales and special offers can also perform better with POP displays. For example, say you put the socks and headbands that are on sale right by the register and add a fun sign displaying the price, the sale of those sale items will do better than if they were displayed in another manner.

POP displays help a business owner stay on top of competitors. And the use of POP is simply how retail is done in the modern day—whether you own a gas station, a grocery store, or a clothing boutique, you will see the benefits POP displays bring to your business.


Unless you have extensive background in graphic design, it can be difficult to create an eye-catching and effective POP display on your own. This is where City Signs comes in. Our company is comprised of talented designers that will help your POP displays pop (no pun intended). We will help youbuild high-quality and effective displays that will increase your sales and benefit your business.

Point of Purchase Displays and Why You Should Use Them

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