Whether you’re announcing a grand opening, promoting an event, or simply sharing information, signage is an important part of your planning and presentation. However, there’s more to making a sign than simply coming up with the information that will be presented. It’s also important to pick the right type of sign.

In this article we’ll give a brief overview of the many different types of signs and when the different types should be used. In choosing your type of sign, you’ll need to think about your budget, the location of your sign, how long it’s expected to last, and whether it needs to be visible at night. Here are a few different types of signs and their best uses.


Vinyl banners are a great choice for long-term outdoor signs. Vinyl is extremely durable and weather resistant and can be cut and formed to any shape and size. Vinyl banners are often chosen for grand opening banners, special events, sporting events, sales and promotions, and trade shows.


Acrylic signs are made out of a versatile plastic sheet and have a glossy finish. These signs have a high-tech, sophisticated look and are extremely durable. Some common types of acrylic signs are menu boards, trade show exhibits, retails and restaurant signs, and nameplates.

Acrylic signs can be illuminated and can have visual accessories added (such as logos, different colors, stripes and borders) to draw the eye. They are best used for long-term indoor use or short-term outdoor use.


Plastic signs are the most lightweight signs you can choose. They are also extremely cost-effective. Best for short-term use, plastic signs are often chosen for menu boards, informational signs, and promotional signage.


Aluminum signs are a popular choice for outdoor signs. Extremely durable and weather resistant, they are able to survive all sorts of conditions. Aluminum is often chosen for real estate signs, pools and spas, building signs, traffic signs, and for use in parking garages.


PVC signs are high quality and very professional looking. They are of a medium weight and are fairly durable. They are easily customized in color and shapes. Common uses include nameplates and nametags, directional/informational signs, point-of purchase displays, and menu boards.

When you are in need of a sign for your event or announcement, talk to a sign professional to make sure you use the right material. This will ensure your sign has both the look and the durability you need to promote your company or event.

Picking the Right Sign for You

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