Picking a font is an imperative part of the design process. Font choice can portray almost as much as the message itself.

One of the most important rules to follow is the amount of picks you choose. A basic rule of thumb is to pick one for the body and another one for headlines or other key phrases. At the very most use four, but rarely more. Too many fonts tend to be distracting and can make your viewers lose the focus of your message.

Consistency in fonts will help your readers understand the flow of your document, and your intended message. For example, if you have several categories within your document and each category has a title and a sub title, pick a font and use it for every title. Pick another font and use it for every sub title. Pick another font for the body of each section and use the same one each time.

When picking a font for your headlines or titles, you have the freedom to pick a font with a little more flair. Pick a font that will match the intended message of your document. Are you designing a birthday card for a young girl? A poster for a rock concert? An invitation to a Halloween party? Picking a font that matches your message will help the readers grasp the purpose in your design.

Use a font for the body of your message that is simple and matches the font you chose for your title or headlines and sub-headlines. If you chose a bold and geometric font for your title, use a san serif font for the body of your design. If you chose a cursive or artsy font, use a serif font. You want a simple font that isn’t too hard to read. A font that is too artsy or cutesy isn’t fun to read for more than a few words. It’s distracting and will cause your audience to stop reading. Reserve fonts like these forces the headlines or sub titles to stick out and grab your readers’ attention.

Using these simple guidelines will help you choose the right font to create an effective design that your readers will enjoy.

Picking an Effective Font

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