With Christmas just around the corner, chances are you have a few people on your list that you have no idea what to get them.  They are either the simple type, and don’t like owning a lot of things, or they seem to already own everything you could possibly get them.  The calendar is slowly getting closer to the 25th, and you are out of ideas.  

Ever think of getting them a custom decal or sticker?

 You can buy them a custom vinyl decal that they can stick on their car window, back of their computer, or living room window.  You also could get them a custom sticker that is perfectly tailored for them.  While you typically would think of contacting a sign company if your business was going to a trade show, or if you needed new signage at the front of your office, City Signs also does custom decals and stickers that can please even the pickiest of present recipients.  Below are four reasons why you should gift a custom window decal today.  

Doesn’t Take Up Space

A window decal or sticker takes up virtually no space, so it is a perfect gift for people who live in smaller apartments or homes.  It can be a way that the recipient can show off what they love without taking up valuable square footage.  


With custom decals, you can create anything that you would like.  You can tailor the decal to be perfect for your friend or family member.  Find out what they like and get a window decal with a fun saying from their favorite video game, or a picture of their favorite character. They can put the decal anywhere that is a flat surface, that means walls, cars, windows, etc.  


A window decal is a very unique gift.  You can be sure that no one else will be buying it for them.  Most people who are picky when it comes to receiving presents will be grateful for a unique, personalized gift rather than a generic gift that you can find at any store.  Window decals are attention-grabbing, creative, and cool.  


As stated before, you can put a custom sticker or decal virtually anywhere.  You can put them on the side of your car, on your back windshield, your window, front door, living room ceiling, dining room floor, shower door, back of your laptop, etc.  You can basically apply the decal or sticker anywhere that is a flat surface.  


Merry Christmas! Here’s a ….Decal?

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