We at City Signs have printed quite literally thousands of banners, and we’ve seen them applied to a myriad of uses from small family reunions and graduation parties to large corporate events. A vinyl banner can work in several highly influential ways to get your company’s name and branding to the masses, as well as to drive revenue to your business. They’re cost effective, weather proof, and eye catching, making them a great marketing investment. Here are a few ways that you can make the vinyl banner work for you.

At Your Storefront

Make your business stand out from its usual outward appearance by using a large banner to announce a large event such as a grand opening or winter clearance sale. You could even bring your banner indoors to draw attention to special deals and upcoming events at your space.

On the Side of a Building

Consider approaching a small business that enjoys prime real estate to ask them about renting ad space on the side of their building. They’ll receive an unexpected extra source of revenue, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of having an advertisement for your company in a high-traffic area. Just be sure that you approach a business that doesn’t happen to be a competitor.

At Festivals and Big Events

Many big events in your area are likely looking for sponsors to purchase ad space for banners to help fund those events. If you see an event that you think will attract your particular clientele, use that opportunity to place a banner at the heavily attended event.

At Sporting Events

On a similar note, sporting events ranging from big soccer or football games to smaller intramural games bring in crowds of all ages—and often families and young couples. Different sporting events could offer different demographics; for example, a women’s gymnastics meet will probably draw a crowd much different than that at a wrestling match. Use this to your advantage and choose a sporting event that happens to cater to your target demographic.

At Trade Shows

Banners work especially well at trade shows because of their portability and durability. Advertise your business by making your logo and branding prominent, with perhaps other banners to showcase your products or services along with their pricing.

On an Overpass

Often underutilized, an overpass offers advertising space that will be seen by effectively hundreds of people on a daily basis. Moreover, since banners on overpasses are not the most common, your banner would surely catch people’s attention—if only for a few moments.

The Many Ways Your Business Can Use a Vinyl Banner

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