When it comes to advertising, you have exactly one chance to grab your audience’s attention and successfully turn them into a customer. A booth at a trade show is just like any other form of advertising—you want to grab the focus of those in attendance at the trade show. Trade shows offer a unique challenge, with sometimes up to hundreds of booths you have to compete against many other booths and advertising tactics enough to stick out.

Before you register to participate in a trade show, make sure you know the specifics about the one you have in mind. This will help you know how to prepare your booth and what you will be able to do. Find out what amenities will be available to you, especially if there will be available electric outlets for your booth. Once all of the space details have been figured out, you can start planning the rest of your presentation.

Your booth should be used to briefly and effectively introduce potential customers to your business. Through your booth, show them what your business offers and why it will be beneficial to them.

Consider what type of advertising and other tactics you want to use at your booth to teach attendees of the trade show. Print? Electronic? Video? Each of these types of advertising offers a different benefit. It is important to offer attendants of the trade show a reason to stop. If your booth does not stand out and grab their attention, they won’t stop and you’ll miss out on a potential customer.

Many booths also offer forms of advertisements that people can take away from their booths such as business cards, pens or stickers. Offering a take away, especially if it benefits the attendee, like a pen, will in turn benefit you because it will be something with your name on it that they will have around. Imagine someone keeping a pen in their purse or at their desk and using it several times a day. They are constantly reminded of your business, and when they are in search of a service that your company provides, they will be more likely to remember your business and use you for their needs.

Trade shows offer a great opportunity for a large customer outreach. Considering what you want to accomplish beforehand will allow you to craft and organize your booth to accomplish your goals.

Making the Most of Your Trade Show Booth

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