A blank billboard by a busy highway at dusk.People love buying stuff, but to get them to buy your stuff you’ve got to get the word out. Radio, television, and social media are all powerful methods of marketing, but don’t forget the simplicity, and exposure, of the billboard. Americans like to hop in cars and feel that desert air, stopping to shop and eat at interesting places. The consumer wants your product, you’ve just got to tell them about it. Here are a few tried and true methods for developing an effective roadside advertisement.

Connect to your audience

Good advertisements have meaning. If you want someone to buy something, you’ve got to connect with them on an emotional level. This is the ancient Greek concept of pathos, or emotional appeals. These appeals can be humorous, depressing, thought provoking, pleasing, infuriating, you name it! The trick is to convey the emotion that is most likely to get them in the door.

How many words is a picture worth again?

If you want to convey meaning fast, a striking image is your best bet. Visuals should be easily recognizable and simple. You don’t want it to look like a jumbled mess because the motorist will only have a few seconds to catch a glimpse of it. Also, the image should integrate perfectly with the text in order to tell a seamless and quick story. The cows in Chick-fil-A advertisement are immediately recognizable, as is their famously bad grammar. It tells a story and gets the audience to laugh while keeping the product front and center.

Bold colors

Use striking, coordinated colors to catch the eye. This can be tricky, because too many colors can be distracting. You want to find a palette that works together and doesn’t distract from your message, but actually generates interest. Here are a few guidelines on choosing colors. Coca-Cola often capitalizes on the simplicity of a bold red billboard, emphasizing their iconic color scheme and keeping the focus on the product.

Make use of your space

If you’ve got a interesting location or set up you can make the best of it to create a compelling advertisement. Does your area have an interesting local culture you can reference? Can you use the space to do something unusual? BBC News advertisements often use corners that divide the image to illustrate the multiple perspectives of events. 







Making an Effective Billboard Advertisement

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