front reception deskHow you style the reception area at your business’s office will have a major impact on how new clients (and potential clients) perceive you as a company. This means that it’s vitally important to design your front desk area in such a way that it makes a killer first impression. Here are some tips for enhancing your business’s “front desk first impression.”

Make your company signage the focus.

One great way to give the design of your front desk area direction is to center it around some standout company signage. A truly great custom signage company can help you in this department, giving you memorable signage that is sure to make a strong first impression. One popular trend in company signage today is to have ultra large backlit letters, or the company logo printed on a sleek panel of glass. If you really want to make a great first impression, bigger signage is better.

Include a seating area.

A seating area is essential for making your guests feel comfortable and taken care of when they visit your office. Be sure to include a seating area that is complete with small details like a coffee table, area rug, vase of flowers, light reading, and even water, coffee, or tea if appropriate.

Choose design-conscious furniture.

You really have your choice of furniture here, and if you’re going to invest in furniture anywhere in the office, it’s here at the front desk area. Opt for a front desk that is not only practical but also visually pleasing, and choose seating that ties well into your company’s identity.

Involve a color scheme.

As with any interior design project, it’s important to center your design around a cohesive color scheme. Typically it’s best here to use the very same color palette that your business uses, as this will truly make your reception area a tangible extension of your company’s identity.

Use inviting lighting.

Lighting is huge here. If possible, try to maximize natural light as much as possible by allowing sunlight to stream into your reception area. Beyond this, supplement with ambient and accent lighting as necessary. Sustainable lighting that mimics natural sunlight makes the best impression here.

Keep it clean.

Finally, all of these things won’t matter a great deal if your business’s front desk area isn’t clean. Above every other space in your office, strive to keep that front desk area as clean as possible, eliminating clutter and keeping all surfaces shining.

Making a Great Front Desk First Impression

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