Marketing and advertising are constantly evolving. While the most effective form of advertising used to be radio ads and billboards, that’s changed. Although those are still highly effective forms of advertising, a lot of people prefer a more personal form of advertising. They want a personal recommendation, they want to know someone who has used the product and loved it, and someone who is truly passionate about that product. This is also a great time for people who are in the business of direct sales. Your personal recommendation of the product you’re selling is really important and valuable to your friends and followers. When you think of this new, personal form of advertising, your mind automatically goes towards social media, right? Social Media is a very effective form of “word of mouth” advertising. But it’s not the only form of personal advertising you need to be using.

Why you need a car wrap

Social media is a very personal form of advertising. It’s where you post all of the pictures of your puppies and kids, it’s where you go to get recommendations on a quick, healthy recipe for dinner, and it’s also where you connect with friends you don’t get to see very often. Having influencers, and even friends, advertise on social media is nice because it’s a personal recommendation, but it can easily feel like a violation in a personal space. You came to see pictures of your friends life, not to be sold a new brand of facial cleanser. If you’re wanting to personally advertise to your acquaintances, without plastering your brand all over social media, consider plastering it instead on your car.

There are few things more personal than your car. Everyone you see will see your car wrap and instantly know that your level of passion and commitment is high, because you wouldn’t put it on a car wrap without being truly committed to it.

Car wraps can be a tax writeoff

We’re all always looking for ways to save on taxes, right? If you purchase a full or partial car wrap, you should save that invoice because it can be tax deductible for your business. You can deduct even more if that vehicle is used solely for business purposes, such as if you get a car wrap for a van for your plumbing business.

So not only are car wraps an inexpensive, but highly effective form of advertising, it can actually SAVE you money on taxes every year.

Is Using a Car Wrap Tax Deductible?

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