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You may have noticed that some of the most effective marketing campaigns involve very few words at all and possibly even less imagery. Apple is a prime example. What is it about simple, straightforward imagery and short phrasing that captures modern audiences so easily? Likely answers are the influence of clean, modern design as well as the influence of social media, which requires ads to be short in order to garner any attention at all; but whatever the reasoning, this means that when it comes to banners and signage for your business, simple is better. Here are some ways you can simplify your business’s signage so that they will have major impact in today’s fast-paced society.

Use Typography

As mentioned in our post “Design Principles for a Clean Sign or Banner Design,” typography can go a long way in organizing the information on your sign or banner. Be sure to consider this: good typography can give hierarchy to and organize information in the cleanest way possible. For example, a large event title with the date and time in smaller italics communicates very clearly that there will be said event at the stated date and time—no explanations or “Date: “ and “Time: “ introductory elements needed.

Eliminate Unnecessary Text

On a similar note, consider what elements of your sign or banner you may be able to eliminate with the use of good design. In the typography example above, for instance, we remarked that good typography can eliminate your need to write out the words “date” and “time;” instead, you can simply write out the date and time. The message will come across clearly. Another example of potential elements to eliminate is that of very detailed information about your company or a service you offer. Save this stuff for your website. One plus to having a website for your business is you can simply direct potential customers to your website to get further details. And in the spirit of simplicity, keep in mind that when doing this, simply writing out your company’s website (e.g., is usually enough; you don’t need to say “go to our website for more details.”

While it may be tempting to fill your sign or banner with color to grab attention, nothing can substitute the clean design that results from using a simple color palette. It’s hard to underestimate the strong impact, for instance, of a clean black and white layout with a single accent color. That accent color alone may be just the thing you need to highlight the most important information on your sign, while still letting the other information have a lasting impact with the strong contrast that black and white creates.

How to Simplify Your Company’s Signage for Major Impact

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