Are you considering giving your brand a new look by making over your logo? Giving your logo a new look can help in overall rebranding. But before you go too far, make sure you pinpoint what parts of your logo are most recognizable—those are the parts you are going to want to keep.

Is your brand associated with a certain color? Is there a mascot for your brand that you use in your logo like an animal or another object? Any parts of your logo that people associate with your brand are the elements that you want to keep. Instead of totally changing your logo, think of giving it a fresh paint job. You will want to make subtle changes that are new and fresh but still easy to recognize for your customers.

An element that is easy to change without too much confusion is the font, but still make sure it retains similar elements. If you had a simple san serif font before, don’t change to a script font. Font use alone can change the feel of your business. San serif implies simple. Script implies fancy. A change from a bold san serif font to an all-uppercase san serif font that’s thinner and taller maintains the simple feel of your brand while giving a new, but recognizable feel to your logo.

Be careful before making too many changes. A logo is a unique opportunity that connects your audience to your brand—if your logo is effective, people recognize your company and know what you sell just by seeing it. This is a great advertising tool to have at your disposal. Logos create familiarity and comfort for your customers. If you change the logo too much your brand may lose what your customers recognize, a risk you do not want to take.

When changing your logo make sure to keep the changes simple and recognizable, these two factors are the keys to successfully changing your logo while maintaining the brand you have already built and ensuring that your customers will still recognize your company and all that’s associated with it after your logo change.

How to Rebrand Your Logo

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