With the holidays in full swing, if you haven’t taken advantage of them, it’s time for you to do just that before the new year starts. Halloween and Thanksgiving are both behind us, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of chances to promote your business over the next month. Here are a few more tips and ideas to help you promote your business this holiday season.

Extend your black friday deals


As soon as Thanksgiving is over, everyone switches into gift-buying mode. A lot of people get the majority of their Christmas shopping done on Black Friday. They like to take advantage of the deals and the chance to purchase gifts for their loved ones at a more affordable price. Not everyone gets their shopping done by the end of November, though. A great way to appeal to your clients is to either extend your black friday deals just a little while longer, or to bring them back for a weekend. By offering deals and discounts, you’ll increase your sales.


Serve holiday treats to your customers


If you have a brick and mortar store that people will come into to shop or inquire about services, a great way to get more people through your doors is to serve some treats to anyone that comes in. Serving cookies and hot chocolate is a very small expense, but you’ll draw people in with the promise of a warm drink. Set up a sign outside letting everyone know that if they come in, they can partake of the treats, no strings attached. Even if every single person that comes in doesn’t increase your revenue immediately, they’ll remember your business and your hospitality and this opens up the door for them to be a customer down the road.


Have your employees dress up festively


If shopping with you is a fun and enjoyable experience, your customers will tell their friends about you, without any prompting from you. A great way to create a fun, holiday atmosphere in your workplace is to have everyone dress up festively. This doesn’t mean every one of your employees needs to dress as santa or elves, but even just giving them santa hats or asking them to wear christmas sweaters will pique the interest of your customers. A great compliment to this is to also decorate for Christmas; hang paper snowflakes, fake snow, and put out cups of candy canes for your customers to partake of.

How to Promote Your Business Over The Holidays Part 2

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