There is so much signage in today’s world that it can be easy to feel like yours will just be a drop in an ocean of marketing that is aimed at consumers every day. However, a well-designed sign still has the ability to draw the eye and strike curiosity and other emotions in a person. Here are some tips for how to make your business signage stand out today…

Be Concise

It can be tempting to try to put as much information as you can onto your signage. However, this has a counterproductive effect when it comes to getting your message out in the world. People don’t want to read a large amount of text on a sign. They want to know your message at the snap of a finger. For this reason, try to avoid putting more than 12 words on your sign, and never go over 15!

Pick Colors That Pop

If you want people to glance in the direction of your sign at all, it needs to have colors that stick out. “Sticking out” is a bit of a messy concept, though, as it doesn’t mean that you should make a colorful mess. Instead, you need to strike a balance of contrast and complimentary color schemes. Any designer worth their salt will be able to help you find a color combination that effectively showcases your message within brand guidelines and helps draw the eye of consumers.

Avoid Visual “Noise”

If too much is going on in your signage’s design, then people are going to tune it out. People deal with advertising thrown in their direction all day, every day. The last thing they want is more noise. As such, there should be an element of simplicity in your design. This means not using too many colors, keeping your fonts legible, being strategic with your text, and finally, using negative space.

Use Negative Space

Business sign hanging from ceilingWhile you might think of the space on your signage as valuable real estate that needs to get used, it is actually highly important for a large portion of that space to remain blank (or background, which is a better term). This is called negative space, and it helps direct the viewer’s eye towards the information on the sign that is most important.

How to Make Your Business Signage Stand Out

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