Large format printers offer a great many services to companies including vehicle wraps, banners, architectural and interior signage, window decals, and large format signs. The category of large format signs, however, encompasses a wide range of signage types that a business might use to market effectively to large groups of people. Here is a quick guide to the various types of signage that generally fall under the category of large format printing.

Store fronts

Stores in public shopping malls often use large format signs as “place holders” while construction is being done on the space that that store is going to occupy. These large format store front signs typically feature the store brand as well as imagery that gives passing customers an idea of what they can expect when the store eventually opens.

Wall decor

Businesses can also have large pieces of wall decor printed by a large format printer. A museum, for example, might incorporate a large timeline affixed to one of the walls in an exhibit, or a large map detailing a particular route taken in history. Many stores and food shops might make use of this type of wall decor as well, featuring a large printed wall dedicated to the company’s history

Custom wallpaper

Custom wallpaper is a special type of large format signage that involves printing on a large sheet that is adhered directly to the wall. It doesn’t need to provide any particular type of advertisement or company information; custom wallpaper can simply be used to decorate a company space, offering a durable and long-lasting solution to worn out walls.

Point of purchase displays

Also known as POP displays, these are a piece of merchandising that advertise specifically to the person who is making a purchase, often making a buyer out of a mere browser. Custom point of purchase displays can bolster brand recognition and capture the eye to help inspire impulse buys.

Tradeshow graphics

Large format signs can also bring life to your booth at a tradeshow, making your company branding clear and enticing to passers-by.


Billboards, of course, involve large format printing because they must be read quickly and easily from afar. Billboards are most typically printed on large sheets that are then affixed to the front face of the sign. This type of outdoor advertising, also known as “out of home advertising,” is designed to reach an audience that is away from their homes—in this case, an audience that is in transit. Other less common forms of outdoor advertising include the large format signage you see on malls, kiosks, and public buses. The industries that most commonly make use of billboards include entertainment and amusements, retail, automotive, travel, hotels and resorts, and business and consumer services.

How Businesses Use Large Format Signs

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