Custom posters are a great way to turn your regular old business space into a friendly and fun environment for both your employees and your customers. They can encourage good work ethic, be a strong motivator for customer sales, and more. In fact, here are seven ways that they make a difference.

Lift Employee Morale

Nobody wants to work in an office with plain white walls and no decorations, especially if there are no windows in your particular room. Custom-made posters are just the thing for offices such as these. You can make office humor posters to crack an occasional smile, or inspirational posters that will encourage hard work.

Advertise Events

Whether you are planning a company party, or holding a customer appreciation day, posters hung in your place of business are the perfect way to let everyone know. A poster with enticing colors, pictures, and all the information will be hard to miss.

Gentle Reminders

If your employees are struggling to remember a certain principle, or your customers keep insisting that they pay you with a check when you don’t accept them, a poster is a great reminder. Be gentle, and design your poster with a clever saying, cute photo, or funny joke in order to make the reminder seem friendly rather than condescending.

Promote Deals

Holiday sales coming up? Don’t forget to advertise on posters in the office. Highlight the savings and hang the customized posters in windows or near the customer service desk to draw attention.

Imprint Your Brand

Custom posters are a great way to imprint your brand in the memory of any consumer who visits. If you place your logo and company name in a large area on the bottom right hand corner of each custom-made poster, any customer who enters will have a hard time forgetting your brand due to the power of subliminal messaging.

Customer Morale

If you want your place of business to seem inviting, welcoming, and friendly rather than imposing, cover your white walls with posters to raise customer morale. You can put up posters with jokes, or have a theme of great photos that promote your goods or services in some way. Either way, your customers will take it all in and feel at ease without even realizing it.

Highlight Policies

No returns accepted without a receipt? No shoes, no shirt, no service? Let your customers know that’s the case in your place of business by printing your major policies in large letters on a poster.


As you can see, posters have a significant effect on businesses, even though they are added to your office in an insignificant way. If you have a need for customized posters in your place of business, submit your order to us today.


How Adding Custom Posters Can Transform Your Business Space

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