You’re creating a sign for an important event. What are you going to put on it? It may seem simple, but this scenario is one any small business owner is going to face. And if you don’t have an in-house graphic designer, how are you going to create something that will entice people to come to your event?


Well, here are a few simple tips we’ve gathered to help you out.


Make it Pop

The first thing you want to do is to make sure you have something that pops. People may only look at your sign for a brief moment. So, you want something that will grab their attention. This could be as simple as your choice of color (such as red), bolding or capitalizing words, or using contrast. The goal is to have an element of your sign that makes people want to look closer.


Keep it Simple

One great way to help a feature pop is to make sure you keep it simple.  If your sign is cluttered with information or images, the reader is actually going to be less likely to read it. All you need to do is include the most pertinent information, and make sure you include some sort of contact info.


Know What it’s For

Part of keeping it simple is making sure you know the function of your sign.  Are you letting people know that your business is there? Are you announcing an event that you want people to attend?  Are you displaying a special deal?  Don’t overcomplicate your sign by trying to do more than one function at a time.


Location, Location, Location

Lastly, your final consideration is creating your sign is location. Is your sign going to be on a billboard or a handout? If it’s on a handout, you may be able to include a bit more information than if it were on a billboard. If your message will be displayed on a billboard, keep it clean and and even more simple. And make sure your text and images will translate to a larger scale. If you’re including your logo, make sure it’s prominent enough to be seen. Details will be lost on a large billboard.


If you’re doing the work yourself without a graphic designer, just take a drive down the freeway. What billboards stand out to you? What makes them work? Remember, you’re a consumer, too. What works for you will likely work for your future clients. Just keep it simple.

Four Tips to Creating an Attention-Grabbing Sign

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