If there was a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, life would be much more simple (for marketers, that is). But unfortunately, there is no such marketing approach, which means marketers have to keep up with trends, perform market research, and analyze consumer habits to determine which forms of marketing are best for their specific needs.

However, of the nearly unlimited methods of marketing, there are some forms that have proven to be more effective than others overall, regardless of other factors (for the most part). For example, there’s just something about free stuff that has always drawn and will always draw the attention of consumers. Here are a few tried, tested, and effective forms of advertising that you can almost always rely on.

Car Wraps

Car wraps are in a similar realm as billboards. First of all, any car that is wrapped with an advertisement catches the eyes of other drivers on the road. Second of all, to repeat the point made in the billboards section, other drivers don’t have much else to focus on. And, unlike billboards, wrapped cars keep up with the other cars, which means they will provide exposure and marketing for longer periods of time.

Local Signage

Very few marketing approaches have the effectiveness and appeal of local signage. First of all, any business needs a sign to let people know it exists. And if that sign or advertisement is appealing enough, “Oh, look! The business is right there, we might as well drop by!” Local signage has a unique advantage of appealing to people who have the means necessary to patronize the business mere seconds after they see the sign, making it extremely effective.

Social Media

An estimated 60% of Americans have a social media profile. Since the first social media platform was invented, social media marketing has taken the world by storm, proving to be one of the most effective forms of advertising overall. This is partially due to its ability to make companies feel more trustworthy, personable, and approachable. People are not usually threatened or annoyed by company profiles, and in fact, many people intentionally follow companies’ profiles, which is every marketer’s dream!


Billboards have proven to be an effective form of advertising, consistently topping the charts for decades. This is in large part because when people are driving, they aren’t allowed to focus on much else, so billboards have their complete attention. This makes them different from most other forms of advertising such as digital marketing where consumers are constantly bombarded by multiple ads and are focusing on other things.

Effective Forms of Advertising

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