Valentine’s Day means love for most people, but for your business, it can mean revenue—if you approach it the right way. Whether you sell Valentine’s Day friendly gifts or not, you can use the holiday to offer certain promotions to help bring customers and their money into your place of business.


Since Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate couples, offer deals that need two people present to redeem them, such as buy one get one or buy one get one half off coupons. While in a perfect world money would be no object for this special holiday, everyone loves a good buy one get one free sale to make the Valentine’s Day burden a little lighter.

2. Partner Up

This would be a great time to cooperate with neighboring or complementary businesses to create Valentine’s Day worthy deals. For example, if you own a small restaurant, offer ½ off movie tickets to the nearest theater if they buy two entrees with drinks.

3. Facebook Love Story

On your business’s Facebook page, ask everyone to post their love story. Then, ask everyone to vote for their favorite. Offer a prize (such as a gift card to your store or a free service) for the one that gets the most votes.

4. Recognize the Family

Though traditionally Valentine’s Day revolves around couples, many people also like to take time on the holiday to celebrate their love for everyone in their life, including their families. Offer specials and gift cards for mothers, sisters, grandparents, brothers, and more.

5. Host a Party

Use your place of business to host a party or event. Keep it Valentine’s Day related for best results. Invite local talent for a poetry reading or a concert featuring love songs. If your clientele is mostly single, host a speed dating event. Make sure you host these events during business hours to invite people to purchase your products and services.

6. Take Photos

During regular business hours, dedicate a corner of your place of business to taking free photos of your clients with their significant others or family members. If it’s in the budget, hire a professional to take the photos. Professional photos will attract more customers.

7. Give Gifts

Offer incentive to buy a certain amount of money’s worth of a product or service. For example, throw in a box of chocolates if your customers buy $50 worth of product. Such incentives often prompt your clientele to spend more money than they normally would, which is great for your business.

Dynamite Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

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