Vehicle wraps are one of the most popular forms of advertising, and why not? They are extremely effective. Since they are constantly in a new location, new people in different areas are always seeing your ad. For a one-time cost, vehicle wraps allows you to spread your brand to a greater audience than any other form of advertising.

But before you wrap your vehicle, make sure you have a plan to guarantee an effective advertisement.

Since the point of an advertisement is to stand out and grab attention, make sure your wrap accomplishes that—but make sure that it isn’t cluttered. Since your wrap is literally a moving target, viewers only have a few seconds to look at your advertisement and commit it to memory. Don’t clutter it with wild embellishments that will distract from your message. A simple message without clutter will allow for the message of your wrap to stand out and make an impact.

Keeping your message simple will help your viewers understand your message. If there is too much print or too many logos, your viewers will feel like they have to decipher a message and they will either give up or be out of sight range before they have the chance to figure out what that is Remember, your viewers only have a few seconds to fully comprehend your message since it’s on a moving vehicle. Simplicity is your biggest ally when it comes to vehicle wraps.

When designing a wrap, you want to pay special attention to the font you use, including the size of font. You also want to pick colors carefully. Make sure to choose a font and size that is big and easy enough to read from a distance. Pick a color that won’t get lost in the wrap and that is also easy on the eyes. Picking a simple and bold color will add to the overall effectiveness of your advertisement.

The biggest key in designing an effective vehicle wrap is to keep it simple all around. Pick a simple design that focuses and targets your brand. Pick a simple font and a simple font color. Make your message clear and simple. Keeping everything simple will allow for your message to accurately reach your audience which will in turn give you the results you are seeking from your vehicle wrap.

Designing an Effective Vehicle Wrap

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