Whether you’re creating a billboard or a sign to be displayed on a busy city street, holiday signage is a great way to promote business. Most businesses have plenty of sales and promotions around the holidays to drive the shopping, which is why you need to beat out the competitors. The best sign detailing holiday promotions and sales will invite the consumer into that business, so you better make sure your sign attracts more attention than your major competitors. Consider these tips to get you started.

Use Holiday Colors

Colors have a profound impact on the human psyche, since sight is a human being’s most dominant sense. So, nothing gets your customers into the holiday spirit quite like colors reminiscent of the holidays. Use that to your advantage.

If you are offering a promotion for Thanksgiving, concentrate on delivering your message in browns, deep oranges, and forest greens. Those colors will remind those viewing your sign of the warm, loving time of Thanksgiving.

Likewise, if you’re having a sale for Christmas, don’t underestimate classic Christmas colors—red, green, blue, silver, and gold. These colors bring thoughts of the Christmas spirit, which just might put your customer in a wonderful mood for shopping.

Highlight the Right Points

Since the purpose of your sign is to offer holiday promotions and sales, make sure you are highlighting that point. Focus your sign around the savings your customers will gain by partaking of your products or services. You might do this by putting the savings in a different color or putting a starburst around those words.

You will also want to make sure viewers don’t forget the name of your business. Make sure your logo is distinctive, noticeable, and memorable on your sign. An advertisement is no good if the consumer can’t tell very quickly who is offering the products or services.

Make it Memorable

This is especially important if you’re placing your sign on a busy street with plenty of other signs to block it out. You’ll want to make sure that your colors, message, and placement allow the consumer to stick it to memory with ease. Consider these tips:

Place the sign at windshield level for drivers to see easily.

Use eye-catching colors, shapes, and slogans.

Make it dramatic so that it catches every eye.

Make it different or slightly off. This might mean that you cleverly spell a word wrong or tilt the sign when you place it so that it catches attention.

As you begin planning your holiday sales and promotions, don’t forget to design and produce an excellent sign for the occasion. Give us a call, and we can help you get your sign vision into better focus.

Creating the Best Signage for Holiday Promos and Sales

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