Have you ever stopped at a garage sale because you noticed a sign in a yard for one? Although it may not be the first form of advertisement that comes to mind, yard signs can offer the similar benefits for your company.

Yard signs are much more cost effective than billboards or other types of outdoor advertisements that are more permanent. Because yard signs are temporary in nature, consider using them for special promotions or sales.

Yard signs can be placed outside of your own business to generate attraction and traffic into your business. They can also be placed around town to draw people to your place of business. Place your yard signs in strategic places, places where you know your potential future customers will see them.

Yard signs will be much smaller than a billboard, so design your advertisement or message that will go on your yard sign carefully. Most yard signs are only a few feet by a few feet in size. Since you are working with a small physical space, keep your message clear and simple. Pick one message to get across. The most common message on a yard sign says the service they offer and a phone number. Such as “We Buy Houses” and the number for the business.

Pick a font that is simple to read from a distance. If you are hoping to attract the attention of people driving by in their cars, you don’t have much time for them to receive your message. Keep it simple and to the point. This will ensure that your message is effectively received.

The size of your design is also very important. Depending on where you put your yard signs, cars could drive past it at 55 miles per hour. Make sure your font is big enough so that people can see it and read it in the time they will drive past. If your font is too small or there is too much print on your sign, people passing by will not be able to read it, making it obsolete.

Save money on your yard signs by only printing on one side. Since only one side of traffic can see your sign anyway, make more signs that are one sided for each direction of traffic, instead of fewer signs that are printed on both sides.

Yard signs can be a great cost effective way to generate a lot of business. When creating a yard sign remember to keep your message simple, give the needed information, and place them in areas where they will be seen by as many people as possible.

Creating a Corporate Yard Sign

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