Vinyl signs are incredibly versatile and remarkably reusable – if you take care of them properly.  They are a great one-time investment that can be used over and over again for many years.  You can use the same banner at every trade show, or every year during different promotional time periods. You can use them indoor or outdoor, in the rain or sunshine.  They can be hung them from poles, rafters, tent canopies, etc.  They are also very durable.  Caring for your vinyl sign is a relatively easy procedure, just follow the easy tips below to keep your banner in tip-top shape so that you can use it for years to come.  


You shouldn’t have to clean your banner very often, although if it does become soiled, cleaning it is relatively easy.  Use a wet rag and gently spot clean the dirty area.  Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning pads when cleaning your vinyl sign, as it can destroy the printing.  Microfiber cloths are recommended, and you should avoid cleaning pads, paper towels, and rough cloths.  If water alone will not do the trick, add a little bit of gentle soap to the rag you are using to wipe down the sign.  Make sure that you rinse off the banner completely to get rid of all suds.  You shouldn’t have to clean your banner very often, unless you use it outside in the elements.  Don’t put your vinyl sign in a dishwasher or washing machine as the agitation will destroy the sign.  


You can store your vinyl sign virtually anywhere, just roll it up and save it for later.  To roll up your sign, place it flat on the ground and loosely roll it up from end to end, with the printed side in the middle.  After it is rolled up, it shouldn’t take up much space.  Do not fold it as the ink can transfer from one side to the other, destroying the sign.  If you have a tube-shaped box, store the sign in the box to prevent it from getting smashed and creased while in storage.  Before you store the banner, make sure that it is completely dry to keep it from molding.  Store your banner in a clean and dry place.  Never store it in a very hot area or in direct sunlight, as it can get warped or discolored even if the printed side is towards the middle.  However, besides these few cautions, your banner can be stored almost anywhere: an attic, basement, shed, kitchen, spare bedroom, etc.  


Caring For Your Vinyl Sign

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