For most businesses, the along with winter often comes a slump in profits. In the summer, everyone is out and about, and they need products and services, showing a definite increase in sales. During the winter, however, people aren’t quite so eager to go outside, which can really drop business.

As a business owner, you shouldn’t look at this time as a slump season. Instead, you should view winter as a way to make some extra cash by using the season to your advantage.

Winter Care Kits

Create a point of purchase display near the registers with winter care kits. Bundle together chapstick, gloves, a scarf, cookies, soup mixes, hot chocolate, and other winter necessities in a basket or package, and place them on a table for sale. These will be a hit, especially if they’re items you don’t already sell in your store.

Use the Holidays

The wintertime is filled with holidays, and the holidays mean revenue. But after Christmas and New Year’s roll around, sales drop, and it’s difficult to pick that pace back up. There are other holidays during the winter that can help boost sales, however—namely Civil Rights Day, Presidents Day, and Valentines Day. Use the holidays to host sales and other client-boosting promotions.

Keep Your Place Nice

People are much more likely to come to your store if you keep it clean and easy to access. Winter is notorious for producing icy parking lots and muddy entryways. Keep your sidewalks and parking lots free from snow and ice to keep it safe and clean.

Offer Delivery

People don’t like to leave the house in the winter, and you can make it easier on them while endearing them to you by offering a delivery service for your goods and services. Be sure to put a company imprinted vehicle wrap on your delivery vehicle for advertising purposes.

Pair with a Gym

Winter is the leading time of year for weight gain because people don’t go outside to exercise as much, and many people don’t keep a gym membership on hand. Pair up with a nearby gym, and offer discounted membership prices if your clients buy a certain amount of product or service.

Host an Event

Use your office space or store front to host a local event. Bring in local talent, offer food and drink, and have door prizes. These events draw customers like flies.

Go Mobile

If you don’t already have an app for your business, get one. Everything is going mobile nowadays, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of that. Create an app for your company, and offer coupons and other deals for those who download it.

Use these suggestions to stay ahead of the competitors this winter, and give us a call if you need any help you with your advertising and promotions.

Bringing in Business During the Winter Slump

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