A Sale Sign In A Shoe Store WindowStickers and decals can be a very powerful tool in advertising your business.  Do you remember when Apple used to send a sticker with every one of their products?  It was a quick and inexpensive way to build their business even within their customer base. You too can use stickers to promote your business.  Read on for 5 ways to use custom stickers and decals to grow your business.  

Trade Show Materials

Stickers are a great thing to give away during a trade show.  It is an inexpensive way to give people information about your business that reminds them of their inner child.  Make sure that the stickers are unique colors and shapes so that they stand out.  Use witty phrases or cartoons to advertise your business in a creative way, and encourage people to actually use your stickers.  

Letter Seals

If you send out a lot of letters (invoices, advertising materials, etc.) you can use custom stickers to make your letters stand out of the crowd.  Get a small little sticker to act as an envelope seal on your letters, not because they are necessary, but because they add an extra touch to the things that your customers see every day.  

Sell Stickers

Create a brand for yourself by selling stickers alongside your other products.  Create a sticker that has a cool graphic, witty phrase, etc. that people would like to put on their bumpers, windows, computers, etc.  Sell these alongside your other products to your target audience.  Your customers might start advertising for you.  

Advertise Sales

You can use creative stickers to advertise sales if you have a brick and mortar store.  Put colorful stickers on items to let people know about your BOGO sale, 20% off sale, etc.  Another creative idea is to get footprint stickers, place them on the ground of your store leading up to your best selling item.  

Place the Stickers

Start a guerilla marketing campaign and put your stickers in creative places within your city.  Utilize manhole covers, doors, light switches, bathrooms, etc.  Make sure that your stickers are relevant not only to your brand, but to the situation in which they are placed.  Make sure that you get permission before you place your stickers in public places, so that you are not vandalizing.  Also give enough information to your consumers so that they know what the campaign is about.

Branding With Decals and Stickers

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