One of the biggest considerations for business owners looking to open a new location or update an existing location is the signage. There are many options for sign fabrication, but one of the most popular is routed signs. These signs are inexpensive to make, have a wide range of design options and last a long time both indoors and out.

How Routed Signs Are Made

Routing is a method of sign making that produces low cost, durable, three-dimensional products in any shape, size, or color. A routing machine is used to create the design from wood, PVC, or other synthetic materials. The result usually resembles a hand-carved piece, but for a fraction of the cost and time. PVC or HDU signs have a cleaner, more modern feel, while wood or composite signs have a more old-fashioned, hometown feel. Just about any design element you want to include can be incorporated into a routed sign, because the process is so versatile.

Making Your Mark in the Community

How your business looks on the outside is a big indicator to people of what they can expect to find on the inside. Using professional, attractive signage for your building is a very important aspect of business, especially for those who will be doing a lot of face-to-face meetings with clients. Routed signs offer the versatility and detail work to let you portray your business in any way you choose. You can easily include your logo and utilize a wide range of color options on your outdoor signs. You can even have your address plaques made to match your signage to give your business a feel of continuity and professionalism. The best part is that routed signs are very durable, so they’ll look nice and clean for years to come.

Indoor Uses for Routed Signs

Carrying your signage theme from your outdoor signs to the indoors gives your business a professional, organized feel. Routed signs can be used indoors to distinguish various sections of your retail establishment. They can also be used to give directions to various offices, or to mark the restrooms. Routed signs can also add a decorative flair to your premises. You could hang a “Established in…” sign in a visible area, or feature other sayings or quotes on the signs. This is a great way to give people a feel for your business and let them know what you’re about right when they walk in the door.


Beautifying Your Business With Routed Signs

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