Sports arena with lightsSupport your team


Few things are as fulfilling as supporting the team that you love. Athletic signage is able to fulfill that desire and bring great support to your team. Sponsorship signage helps bring the community around a team in an area, which creates a foundation of support that can be built from. At City Signs, we can make signs for any level of sports team, from youth and recreational, all the way up to minor league teams.


Build team spirit


Bringing in athletic signage gives your team a banner to rally behind. This type of signage also gives you the ability to advertise for your team around town in local hot spots and businesses. This builds community in an area; community that is directly a result of your team. It also brings professionalism to the image of the team to use high quality signage, such as the kind we produce at City Signs. Nothing builds team spirit like being big and bold, and that is what we want to empower you to do.


Different kinds of signs


There are all sorts of different options when it comes to creating signage for your team. One of the most basic and effective ways to do it is to print banners on large vinyl sides. Also, a cool way to bring advertising to a team is to have a custom decal done and put it on a vehicle. At City Signs, we can even go as far as wrapping the bleachers with marketing materials. That’s because we want to go the extra mile for you!