Imagine you’ve just put the finishing touches on your advertisements and you’ve pressed save. Now the question is, what type of medium are you going to turn them into (billboard, electronic, flyers, etc) and where are you going to put them?

When deciding where to place your advertisements, consider the number of people that will see it. You want to put them in places that receive a lot of traffic, i.e., people looking at your advertisement. If you are having trouble considering a single location for your advertisement, consider using a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap is an advertisement that is placed onto a car’s windows or body of the car (both can be an option too depending on your wants, needs and budget).

Vehicle wraps offer many benefits. One of the best aspects of vehicle wraps is their mobility. An advertisement placed on a car allows your advertisement to be mobile and in motion. This eliminates having to settle on one set location. Since your advertisement moves as your car does, it is constantly in a new place, which widens the margin of potential customers that will see your ad.

Window wraps are not specific to cars. They can also be used on storefront windows. Consider the windows on your place of business a blank canvas. You can use your windows for a permanent advertisement. Storefront window ads offer a financial benefit since it’s a one-time installation. There aren’t monthly fees like there usually are to keep other forms of advertisements up like a billboard.

However, if you are renting your storefront, make sure it is within the rights of your contract. You would hate to spend money on a storefront window wrap only to have to take it down due to abusing the terms of your rental agreement. If you own the building you potentially have a little more freedom. Make sure there aren’t any laws within the area you own your building that would prohibit window wraps.

Window wraps, especially on a storefront, offer a lot of space for your advertisement. As tempting as it may be to cram in a lot of information in to such a big space, remember to keep it simple and to the point. Even on a big space, less is more. Keeping it simple will appeal to the eyes of your potential customers and will increase the chance that they actually remember what your advertisement was trying to tell them.

The next time you are planning your marketing campaign, make sure to consider the benefits that a window or vehicle wrap can offer to your business.

Advertizing with Window and Vehicle Wraps

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