As the weather gets warmer, you’re likely hoping and expecting to see a rise in profits after the long winter slump—and good seasonal marketing can help you get there. Here are 7 great marketing ideas for summer so that your marketing campaigns in the upcoming warmer months will have a seasonal spin.

Gifts for Mom and Dad

Mother’s Day and Father’s day happen to fall right before summer hits, which means that the start of your summer marketing can involve catering to these special holidays. Whether you are a product or service oriented company, your business can likely offer something that a mom or dad can enjoy. Any home improvement company, for example, be it roofing, window installation, siding, or cabinetry, could market their services toward being a great gift for dad or mom.

Summer Holidays

Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day are the summer season’s milestone holidays, but don’t forget about the lesser known holidays such as Best Friends Day on June 8, National Donut Day on the first Friday in June, and National Ice Cream Day on the third Sunday in July. For Best Friends Day, for example, your company could highlight a special 2-for-1 deal, or on National Donut Day your business could host a special event featuring donuts.

Ways to Cool Down

Give potential customers a way to escape from the heat in the middle of summer. Home improvement companies could highlight energy saving services that they offer; restaurants could have a special on their cold desserts; a car repair company could highlight their air conditioning services. With enough creativity, this is a marketing campaign theme you can incorporate into your own strategy.

Vacation Essentials

Does your business offer a product or service that could be of use to those preparing to go on vacation? Maybe you offer something highly portable that could be of use in a foreign country, or maybe your offer a service that could give travelers peace of mind while they’re away. A home security company could highlight services that will help deter burglars will travelers are away, or an outdoor company might have a special on their traveler backpacks and camping gear.

Take Part in a Local Event

Summer is a time when many companies are sponsoring local festivals, charity events, and summer cook-offs. Consider helping to back an event by purchasing space on the event tee shirt, or placing a promotional banner strategically at one of these summer hot spots.

Summer Themed Promotional Items

This is a marketing idea that any company can take advantage of. In addition to summer-themed marketing campaigns, you could create promotional company branded items that will come in handy especially during those summer months, such as water bottles, drink insulators, baseball caps, sunglasses, and golf accessories. Then give them out to clients and potential customers to get your company’s name out there.

6 Sizzling Summer Marketing Ideas

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