Car wrapping is growing in popularity.  It seems like every plumber or heating/air conditioning company has wrapped their vehicle, and every delivery truck is decked out with information about the company.  Even city busses are taking advantage of vehicle wraps and will wrap their sides with paid advertisements.  Below are five reasons why you should wrap your car as another way to market your business.

Traveling Billboard

Wrapping your car advertises your business everywhere you travel.  If you take your vehicle to clients, other people will see it.  For example, many plumbers and air conditioning specialists will wrap their trucks that they take on site to people’s homes.  Then, everyone who drives past in the neighborhood sees their advertisement, and since the Jones’ use that company, the neighbors are more likely to use them too.  

Competitively Priced

While it may seem a bit pricy to wrap your vehicle, consider the financial implications over time.  Vehicle wraps are a one-time investment that are less expensive than billboards, tv ads, radio ads, etc.  Your vehicle wrap can last up to seven years, while you have to pay monthly or annually for most other advertising venues.  Wrapping your vehicle is a great cost-effective way to market your business.  

Easily Applied, Easily Removed

Vehicle wraps are designed by computer and then applied to the car over the course of a few hours.  At most, it will take a day for professionals to apply the wrap.  And then, when it comes to remove it, it is fairly simple.  Vinyl vehicle wraps do not harm your car, and after removal, no one will ever know that you used your car as a marketing tool.  You can even trade your car into the dealership without them being able to tell that it once was covered with your advertising campaign.  

No Contract

Having your vehicle wrapped does not lock you into a contract the way that many forms of advertising do.  You can remove your vehicle wrap at any time, or you can leave it on for as long as you’d like.  You don’t have to continue to pay monthly if you no longer wish to use your vehicle wrap.


Wrapping your vehicle is the most versatile advertising medium.  You can put your logo, a phone number, information, pictures, etc. on your vehicle.  You can do a full wrap or a partial wrap.  You can add designs, text, and images.  You can wrap just the body of the car, or involve your windows in your design. You can do anything that you can imagine.    

5 Reasons to Wrap Your Car

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