Father’s Day this year is on Sunday, June 21, and this means that you need marketing inspiration now in order to cater to all of those who are looking to treat their fathers on Father’s Day. Some products and services, of course, lend themselves more as “gifts for Dad” than others do, but that doesn’t mean that your company can’t use the occasion to put on a great promotion. Here are some ideas for how your business can celebrate Father’s Day and bring in extra revenue as it does so.

Create a gift guide

Dad is notoriously one of the most difficult people to shop for. Make it easy on potential customers by offering them a gift guide for dads, which will make their shopping experience a great deal easier and take the stress off of finding the perfect gift. Your gift guide can feature a particular service or product that you offer, and it’s something that you can share on all of your social media accounts effectively, as potential customers are frequently searching for gift inspiration for dads on the web.

Host a dad-themed contest

Contests are a great way to promote grassroots-style marketing for your company. Consider hosting a dad-themed contest on your social media sites, encouraging entrants to send in a favorite photo with Dad or share a favorite experience for a company-related prize.

Buy one-get one promotion

Buy one-get one promotions are perfect for Father’s Day because they cater to families who might be spending money on the whole family for a Father’s Day outing. If you own a store or restaurant, consider offering a special discount to families in the form of a buy one-get one promotion on Father’s Day.

Recognize clients who are fathers

You could also use Father’s Day as a day to build client relationships, sending a special card or gift to your clients who also happen to be fathers.

Host a special event for fathers

Give potential customers a reason to treat their dads to a special outing for Father’s Day. Most take their dads out to sporting events, leisurely activities, and dining outings, so consider hosting an event that offers this type of entertainment for a father and his family—especially if your company’s products or services might not directly lend themselves to pampering Dad on his day. You could host a picnic with outdoor activities, or even a higher-end dinner. Consider what space you have to work with and what makes sense for your company when it comes to hosting a big event. This kind of event offers a great marketing opportunity for you to promote your brand and even give away company-branded items to families.

5 Fantastic Father’s Day Promotion Ideas

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