Sign design principlesDeveloping signs for your business is more complicated than it might seem at first. Evaluating how to make the maximum impact strategically can take some expertise and research. Here at City Signs, we’ve worked for over a decade with local Salt Lake businesses. We can help guide you through the process so that you’re confident in a beautiful final product.

However, there are some foundational principles of sign design that every business owner should know and understand before developing their signage project. Here is a (very quick) guide to some of the most important rules:

1: Cut the Clutter, and Opt for Big Letters

One of the most common mistakes that we see businesses make is trying to fit too much information into one sign. You might feel the need to include your tagline, your website, phone number, and your entire business origin story. However, the most important elements of a sign are readability and recognition. Readability is directly correlated to the size of the lettering, and recognition is sacrificed when your viewer’s attention is being pulled too many ways.

Your best move is always to simplify. Don’t include everything in your sign; only enough for potential customers to take the next move. And remember that move is easier than ever, since all they have to do is a simple Google search of your name to find your site.

2: Vibrant Colors

Studies have found that color scheme accounts for up to 80% of a brand’s recognizability. The colors you choose will determine the impression customers get of your business, the readability of the sign, and how it stands out amongst other stores and ads. Here at City Signs, we know how important color is to your sign’s efficacy, and so we pride ourselves on producing unmatched color quality.

3: Consistent Branding Is Essential

Many businesses go through several iterations of their logo before really landing on one that works. However, it’s important to keep your branding consistent across every platform. This means that the logo and lettering on your site, your marketing materials, your business cards, and all store signage should be the same. So before investing in a large, permanent sign, make sure that you have exactly the design that you want across the board.

4: Compare with the Area

Another mistake that many businesses make is forgetting that their sign is visible inside of a certain context. Whether it stands out just enough, or it sticks out like a really ugly sore thumb, is dependent on what else is going on in the surrounding area. Many businesses customize signage to suit the location, especially in places like quaint downtown shopping areas where a certain community uniformity contributes to mutual success. Take a good look at other signs in your surrounding area to see how you can match the style in some ways, and stand out in others.

4 Sign Design Principles to Know

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